Asian Dyna and the New Prometheus

Girl outside the tube II
Woman and Robot I

A little while back I enjoyed a pleasant exchange with blogger and FHM Philippines model Asian Dyna when she left a comment here at Erotic Mad Science.   As so much of my correspondence does, it left off with my petition “…and if you ever do something mad science, do let me know.”

Well, whaddya know.  Just today:

Hot damn!  What’s especially appealing here (above and beyond Dyna herself, of course) is that not only has she successfully played into the Frankenstein legend, but she’s used the placement of the metal hoops to achieve an appealing implied nudity effect more usually associated with the tube girl meme.

I’m touched…so let me encourage you all to surf over to Dyna’s site and show her some blog love.  Which, given her fetching original content, shouldn’t be hard.


2 thoughts on “Asian Dyna and the New Prometheus

  1. First thing I thought of here was the movie ‘Young Frankenstein’
    Has to be something wrong with me… but I love that movie.

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