Ebook experiment with Tales of Gnosis College

Violet Blue makes my day
The Erotofluidic Age

Thanks to a program called Calibre, it appears to be the case that I can now convert image archives into readable e-books of various kinds, so I’m conducting an experiment with The Apsinthion Protocol.   If you have a Kindle, you can try downloading and reading e-book editions of the first two chapters.  As a bonus to those who participate in this mad little experiment of mine, you can get the extra pages of Chapter Two which have not yet posted out in advance of those available to all other readers.

You can download Chapter One here and Chapter Two here.  They should work on Kindle’s 1,2, and 3.  I haven’t tried sending mine through Amazon, although loading it up through USB worked fine.  The pages are small, but clear.

As with any of my experiments, I much appreciate feedback,whether in comments or through e-mail.  Thanks!