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A loyal reader of both this blog and the Tales of Gnosis College wrote in to tell me that he would like to read the Tales on a monthly basis and read the blog only for other content, such as reviews or teaser material for forthcoming chapters. However, it’s hard for him to read only this material, since he has to skip over the daily post-outs of the Tales to do so.  Can I do something?

No problem!  For many people, reading a complete chapter every month is a more natural experience than reading a page every day.  I am happy to accommodate you, and the magic of WordPress makes it easy.

I have create a new tag called “nonspoiler,” which will be added going forward to posts that are not daily posts of the comic.  It will include teaser material for the comic and other material for Erotic Mad Science (like book reviews, movie reviews, found imagery, site link announcements, and so forth).  If this is what you would prefer to read on your main page you can either just add this URL to your favorites:

Or you can just click on the “Nonspoiler” link, which you can find on the right-hand side of the site, just below the search box.

I hope you find this functionality useful.  As always, I welcome feedback on the reader experience.