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  1. Along similar lines (and really a fascinating science article on the mind of the octopus):



    “As we gazed into each other’s eyes, Athena encircled my arms with hers, latching on with first dozens, then hundreds of her sensitive, dexterous suckers. Each arm has more than two hundred of them.

    But to me, Athena’s suckers felt like an alien’s kiss – at once a probe and a caress. Although an octopus can taste with all of its skin, in the suckers both taste and touch are exquisitely developed. Athena was tasting me and feeling me at once, knowing my skin, and possibly the blood and bone beneath, in a way I could never fathom.

    Athena was remarkably gentle with me – even as she began to transfer her grip from her smaller, outer suckers to the larger ones. She seemed to be slowly but steadily pulling me into her tank. Had it been big enough to accommodate my body, I would have gone in willingly.”

  2. why does she return to the shore each day? She parks her bicycle behind the bushes and drops her bookbag, then follows the almost-invisible path down the hill. She slaps on the water to call him. A turbulence in the depths, he surges out of the water and embraces her.
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