Squick or Squee 2011, #11

Squick or Squee 2011, #10
Squick or Squee 2011, #12

Halloween is here, and it would be quite right if we didn’t have some specific Halloween art.  Dr. Robo has obliged, with a “Halloween Havoc” story in his Metrobay universe, a tribute to The Bride of Frankenstein.  There’s a lot to enjoy there, but two images struck me, one being this madlab scene as part of the creation of the Bride:

Three captured lovelies strapped to lab benches. And zappy lightening stuff?  Be still me beating heart!

Will I show the Bride?  Can’t give that away — Dr. Robo needs to make a living!  But I encourage you to get a copy of the story yourself if it’s the sort of thing that appeals.

Though I can’t quite help myself about another image, which contains an artistic quotation which warms my little mad-science heart.

Both images used by kind permission of the artist.