TF for science!

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I have to say I just love what’s going on in this three-panel story sequence created by DeviantArt-ist AzureChromatic.  We have a mad science potion and gender bending:

Followed by an episode our gender-bent subject turning into a liquid girl

girl turns to liquid

Followed in turn by the emergence of a goo girl, in lovely apsinthion green no less.

TF in the name of SCIENCE! by AzureChromatic

green goo girl (or slime girl) emerges from the liquid girl

All published here by kind permission of the artist. Evidence, perhaps, that some themes occur rather oftener than one might suspect. The post is based on a story, “Jiggle – Goo Girl TG-TF” by a DeviantArt writer, dragon8writer, whom I encourage you to read if you like this sort of thing.