Tumblr favorite #1281: Futa transformation

Ah, now that’s mad science. Original post here.

Sourced to Sleepymaid. Original text:


I’ve grown very fond of futa girls, primarily via Sleepymaid’s delightful art.  Tho I must admit I prefer the ones without balls.  I expect they just make the girls look too boyish for me.

Indeed, I don’t like balls on my toyboys, either. I like to make them smooth underneath the dollycock, like a ken doll.  More toylike.  I also like going the opposite direction futa-wise, and put titties on the toyboys sometimes, and make tittyboys.  There’s a subtle physical difference between a boy body with titties and a girl body with a dollycock.

Sleepymaid’s art has a very anime style to it, cartoonish and…undetailed, and that’s a compliment.  The hyper-detailed vein-covered futa art I’ve seen is very much a turnoff for me.  I prefer my playmates to be smooth and toylike.  Doll as opposed to over-detailed action figure, if you get my meaning.

Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Three: Page Twelve

“Gender training” of this kind would doubtless be considerably more difficult in real life than its represented as being here but hey, mad science.

Taylor is put through gender training.

(Click on the image for larger size. Creative Commons License
Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Three, Page Twelve written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

Tumblr favorite #642: Glen or Glenda

The world would be a poorer place had Ed Wood never filmed. Original post here.


The working titles of this film were Transvestite or The Transvestite

Glen or Glenda? was also released under the following titles:

  • I Changed My Sex
  • I Led Two Lives
  • He or She 

Glen or Glenda? opens with the following written foreword:

In the making of this film, which deals with a strange and curious subject, no punches have been pulled-no easy way out has been taken. Many of the smaller parts are portrayed by persons who actually are, in real life, the character they portray on the screen. This is a picture of stark realism-taking no sides-but giving you the facts— All the facts— as they are today: You are society— JUDGE YE NOT….

Daniel Davis, the name of the actor who appeared in the film as “Glen-Glenda,” is a pseudonym for director-writer Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Incongruous scenes include: buffalo herd stampede, a group of primitive peoples dancing to drums, two narrators discussing sex change operations over scenes of a factory, the “scientist” issuing periodic warnings and a lengthy sequence involving women enacting stripteases or sexually suggestive situations. According to a modern source, the striptease scenes were taken from a film directed by W. Merle Connell. The title of Connell’s film has not been determined.

TF for science!

I have to say I just love what’s going on in this three-panel story sequence created by DeviantArt-ist AzureChromatic.  We have a mad science potion and gender bending:

Followed by an episode our gender-bent subject turning into a liquid girl

girl turns to liquid

Followed in turn by the emergence of a goo girl, in lovely apsinthion green no less.

TF in the name of SCIENCE! by AzureChromatic

green goo girl (or slime girl) emerges from the liquid girl

All published here by kind permission of the artist. Evidence, perhaps, that some themes occur rather oftener than one might suspect. The post is based on a story, “Jiggle – Goo Girl TG-TF” by a DeviantArt writer, dragon8writer, whom I encourage you to read if you like this sort of thing.