Tumblr favorite #1281: Futa transformation

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I’ve grown very fond of futa girls, primarily via Sleepymaid’s delightful art.  Tho I must admit I prefer the ones without balls.  I expect they just make the girls look too boyish for me.

Indeed, I don’t like balls on my toyboys, either. I like to make them smooth underneath the dollycock, like a ken doll.  More toylike.  I also like going the opposite direction futa-wise, and put titties on the toyboys sometimes, and make tittyboys.  There’s a subtle physical difference between a boy body with titties and a girl body with a dollycock.

Sleepymaid’s art has a very anime style to it, cartoonish and…undetailed, and that’s a compliment.  The hyper-detailed vein-covered futa art I’ve seen is very much a turnoff for me.  I prefer my playmates to be smooth and toylike.  Doll as opposed to over-detailed action figure, if you get my meaning.