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The world would be a poorer place had Ed Wood never filmed. Original post here.


The working titles of this film were Transvestite or The Transvestite

Glen or Glenda? was also released under the following titles:

  • I Changed My Sex
  • I Led Two Lives
  • He or She 

Glen or Glenda? opens with the following written foreword:

In the making of this film, which deals with a strange and curious subject, no punches have been pulled-no easy way out has been taken. Many of the smaller parts are portrayed by persons who actually are, in real life, the character they portray on the screen. This is a picture of stark realism-taking no sides-but giving you the facts— All the facts— as they are today: You are society— JUDGE YE NOT….

Daniel Davis, the name of the actor who appeared in the film as “Glen-Glenda,” is a pseudonym for director-writer Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Incongruous scenes include: buffalo herd stampede, a group of primitive peoples dancing to drums, two narrators discussing sex change operations over scenes of a factory, the “scientist” issuing periodic warnings and a lengthy sequence involving women enacting stripteases or sexually suggestive situations. According to a modern source, the striptease scenes were taken from a film directed by W. Merle Connell. The title of Connell’s film has not been determined.