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It is my pleasure to announce the addition of Artisanal Erotica to the blogroll here, a very promising-looking story site clearly being run by folks who are taking the process of making their own seriously.  Plus they have a lovely header illustration of the process of one-handed reading.

I must confess somewhat shamefacedly that when I first saw their URL, though, I experienced a real-life version of The Problem with Pen Island trope, so I guess I must count as a pervert through-and-through.

Footnote:  I believe this is the 800th post here at EroticMadScience.  And it seems like only yesterday I was scratching my head and wondering how this WordPress thing was supposed to work…

One thought on “Artisanal Erotica added to blogroll

  1. Thanks Dr. Faustus. I’ve been a fan of Erotic Mad Science since the beginning and it was indeed your “On Making Your Own” series that inspired me to get AE up and running, so I’m thrilled to be linked here.

    Keep up the good work.

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