Thoroughly Modern Prometheus I

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Thoroughly Modern Prometheus II

Prolific and talented CG artist KristnF has been the recipient of many commissions from Erotic Mad Science (examples here, here, here, and here), and it is with considerable delight that I have the opportunity to post out a four-panel sequence she has recently done called “Thoroughly Modern Prometheus.” Here is the first:

Click for full size; presented here with the kind permission of the artist.

2 thoughts on “Thoroughly Modern Prometheus I

  1. So frickin’ hot… Great body, and LOVE the heels and glasses.. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen to Dora if she keeps playing around like that..

    Also wondering whatever the Doctor did with the Goo Girl from Goo Girl Genesis?

    • To each his own; my preferred question here might be what did she do with herself? After all, her new form would seem to enable all sorts of interesting new possibilities.

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