Tumblin’ through the tumbling tumblrverse

Waiting for transformation
Thoroughly Modern Prometheus I

The social networking site Tumblr contains a great wealth of imagery of interest to thaumatophiles, more than I could ever do justice to with the time and space I have here. It’s reblog feature makes it very easy to share content (while providing a friendly salute to fellow sharers), so I’ve decided to take the step and open a second Erotic Mad Science blog over there.

Click on the image or here for access to the tumblr. Expect lots of weird imagery of the sort that only the genius of the Internet can provide. Also, since the tumblrverse is something of a world unto itself, you’ll see Erotic Mad Science bespoke art, excerpts from the They Want Our Women, all placed there in hopes of finding a new and appreciative audience.

Check it out! Tell your friends! (And tumblr followers would be nice, too!)

Update: Forgot to add when I wrote this post that there’s a little Bespoke Animation Bonus there not available at Erotic Mad Science. Take a look and scroll down…