Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Nineteen

Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Eighteen
Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Twenty

Then things pick up…steam.

Buck's detached head performs cunnilingus on Dolly.

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Where Am I?: Chapter One, Page Nineteen written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

3 thoughts on “Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Nineteen

  1. I think there is a scene from “Reanimator” that works like this!

    • You are correct, sir! Indeed, that scene was even featured in a post here at EroticMadScience back in 2010.

      To the best of ability to recall, that Reanimator scene wasn’t at the forefront of my consciousness when I wrote this part of the script. Deeper in the recesses of my mind, who knows?

  2. Called it! Reanimator! I think most guys who enjoy this activity wish we could do this. Avoids the neck crick.

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