Commencement: Chapter Four, Page Twenty

Commencement: Chapter Four, Page Nineteen
Commencement: Chapter Four, Page Twenty-One

I hope you, dear reader, are also familiar with the relevant stretch of H.P. Lovecraft.

Aloysius puts out a Lovecraft code to lure Corwin

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4 thoughts on “Commencement: Chapter Four, Page Twenty

  1. Although I consider myself a great Lovecraft aficionado, I admit I didn’t get the hint. (Think I might have overthought it, maybe The Rats in the Walls or The Outsider) Finally cheated and looked up it up on the web, of course – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Still have very fond memories of The Haunted Palace by Corman. Also thought The Resurrected with Chris Sarandon was one of the better recent Lovecraft flicks.
    Haven’t read the Lovecraft canon much lately, although I reread At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow Out of Time now and then. I thoroughly enjoy the more contemporary story collections – Cthulhu 2000, Eternal Lovecraft, Etc. One of the books I’m working through now is another collection, Black Wings of Cthulhu by S.T. Joshi.

    • For some odd reason, my favorite story in the canon is “The Shadow over Innsmouth,” possibly because I spent the happier part of my youth in New England.

    • I appreciate the sentiment, though as it happens it was really our artist Lon Ryden who figured out the details of how to represent Jireen here. I just write the script! (Well, and pay the commissions…)

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