4 thoughts on “Gnosis Pharmacology: Chapter Eight, Page Twenty-Six

    • Same reason that anyone who’s off their head on junk does something stupid – because their reasoning had been compromised and they thought it was a good idea at the time.

      • Oh, OK; so basically, the drug’s screwed with their brain chemistries to the point that anything remotely ‘normal’ just doesn’t cut it anymore, so because they’ve lost the ability to feel pleasure and release through sex, they decided life’s not worth living and torched themselves. Fair enough. 🙂

        I just thought that perhaps there was some other plan/agenda involved – i.e., getting rid of two ‘users’ of the drugs that could crack under questioning. But yeah, f*cked up on drugs to the point of self-destruction makes sense, too.

        Still though, yeesh. I mean, there’s hot sex, and then… 😀

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