Tumblr favorite #2067: Pulp Adventure

Tumblr favorite #2066: Alien chick
Tumblr favorite #2068: Victorian Secrets
a-zeppelin_girl_by_chrisappel-d3bsn12 b-dinosaur_island_by_chrisappel-d3bslq6 c-untitled_by_chrisappel-d3bsmk4 d-untitled_by_chrisappel-d3bslyg e-idol_pursuits_by_chrisappel-d3bsm51 f-a_wrong_turn_at_yuggoth_by_chrisappel-d3bkrij g-the_green_hand_by_chrisappel-d3bkzis h-airship_and_autogyro_by_chrisappel-d3bo2x7

My original tumblr post was here. These images are a series by Christopher Appel. In sequence, they are (1) Zeppelin Girl, (2) Dinosaur Island, (3) The Posh, Posh Traveling Life, (4) Silverback, (5) Idol Pursuits, (6) A Wrong Turn at Yuggoth, (7) The Green Hand, and (8) Airship and Autogyro. The were originally posted on tumblr at notpulpcovers.