9 thoughts on “Visiting Faculty: Chapter Eight, Page Twenty-Four

  1. Well.

    I’m awake now.

    Where did I leave the brain bleach?

  2. Penii and Starfishes exploding out of boobs? I am going to have nightmares now.

        • Nah. Definitely crustacean legs.

          Also, there’re only 2 starfish-crab-penis creatures there. One from each breast.

  3. Is there a frog in a top hat who sings “Hello My Ragtime Gal?”

    • Everyone now…to an uptempo version of John Phllip Sousa’s The Honored Dead

      Man, lives to learn,
      And so we try!
      Sometimes we learn too much,
      And then we die!
      To those before, who opened up the door.
      We will salute… The Honored Dead!
      Their sacrifice was great.
      And we can’t wait til it’s our turn.
      And so we go, and boldly so.
      To know what man’s not meant to lear—n.
      And I’m telling you,
      It’s no mere few.
      Many are called,
      many are chosen.
      We seen some things that man should never see,
      and filled the stacks inside the library,
      with tomes and grimoires of the foulest kind.
      To translate them could cost your mind.

      (An imagined Miskatonic University fight song, from a site long dead, but enjoying an afterlife in the Internet Archive.)

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