SoSS #6

SoSS #5
Another tube girl fan!

For this Saturday, a writer and two podcasters.

  • “Freedom of the press is meaningless if your printers, your publishers, your distributors, your retailers, your credit card companies, your online payment gateways, and your government all get a say in what they think should be allowed out into the world.” Dirty books writer Guy New York explains why demands from publishers of authors of erotica to “self-certify” the themes in their books are so terrifying.
  • I haven’t heard his podcast yet (I shall soon), but I urge you to check out counterculturalist Conner Habib on the strength of this tweet alone: “You are allowed to sexualize and fantasize about whomever or whatever you want at any time, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Obviously how you act out or don’t act out those fantasies is a different matter. But your imagination is yours and should remain free.” Note that in terms of his podcast, it’s surely a major plus that Episode 12 has as its guest Felix Biederman from Chapo Trap House.
  • I’ve also recently been enjoying activist and sex educator Tina Horn’s podcast Why Are People Into That?, which is fine coverage of all sorts of sexual weirdness. Not my personal one mind you, but that is truly exotic…

Long live the free and open Internet!