Another tube girl fan!

Two more examples of Redpulp as master of tube girls
Aleksandra Marchocka's tube girl

It is with pleasure that I learned today that LN Bey, a writer and fan of BDSM and S/M erotica, is also a tube girl fan, and just yesterday contributed a post about the trope, containing both intelligent critical discussion and several of the finer historical examples of the trope (as well as some surprising contemporary ones as well). I encourage you to follow the link above and check it out.

Oh and by the way, LN, here’s one for your enjoyment, spawned from one of your historical examples, but given a contemporary feel by the artist.

Naked girls in tubes subject to fiendish experiments by a mad scientist.  Art by Frans Mensink.

The art is by Frans Mensink, of course and originally appeared here at Erotic Mad Science back in 2014.