On the air with Johnny Jackhammer

Exciting new podcast for people like us -- Sequential Sex
Thanks for doing the episode, guys!

It’s an honor and a pleasure to announce that I’m a guest on the most recent edition of Johnny Jackhammer’s Sequential Sex Podcast, which readers of this blog will remember my announcing when it first appeared on the Internet back in August. We talk mostly about The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist, the first adult comic I ever read and the one which has probably done more to influence me than any other. We also talk about the Tales of Gnosis College and just a bit about our present bilingual serial “In the Kitchen with Dolcetta,” which was provoked by the thought “why aren’t there any X-rated cooking shows?”

So if you’re interested in any of these things, or are curious what I sound like when I’m talking too fast over Skype, or just want to be introduced to a cool new podcast, I urge you to tune in. You can see Johnny’s write-up of the podcast at this page and get a get a direct download of the podcast here. Or just punch “Sequential Sex Podcast” into your favorite podcast catcher. Enjoy!