5 thoughts on “BDA #118: The curious Dr. Glass

  1. As the font is rather hard to read, I do believe it to read VerNe instead of VerRe. Probably as in Jules Verne, looking at all the SciFi toys and stuff on his desk…..

    • Either the image has been updated since Louis Kolkman posted, or I’m missing something here. I wouldn’t say the title font was difficult to read, nor that the illustration has much of an impediment on identifying the letters.

      “Curieux Docteur Verne” no ambiguity that I can see.

      • It hasn’t been updated, though I did find it hard to read. Another victory for my middle-aged presbyopia, which is harder and harder to correct as time goes on, I’m afraid.

        • Oh, I know. I’ve been looking forward to my myopia being countered by presbyopia since I was 6!

          Not that I can talk. I was diagnosed with exophasia 2 years ago – apparently a condition I’ve had all my life and not known! Seems my brain had been correcting it all this time, but recently it’s like it wants me to do chameleon impressions!

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