4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Page Two

  1. Looks like RBZ was spot-on in the comments on yesterday’s instalment. Someone’s faked the statue’s documentation.

    So… maybe Ashley’s been sold on to a new owner, has been stolen, or the managers of the museum are trying to pull a fast one to drum up ticket sales.

    • It happens so often. People passing off modern tat as ancient tat. Seemed like the obvious conclusion.

      Doesn’t explain why it’s been renamed from “the ecstasy of faith” to “the unknown venus”, as you said, though.

  2. Is it intentional that the fountain looks to have a tentacle monster surrounding the base? Waiting for it to snap up one of the stragglers on the tour.

    • It wasn’t in the script, but I can’t rule out the occasional private joke by the artist.

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