7 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Page One

  1. I thought they’d named her “the ecstasy of belief” or somesuch.

    • “While there are documentary records of the Unknown Venus going back centuries…”

      The inference is that whoever took possession of Ashley following her transformation was able to fake a realistically-sketchy historical record for her.

      Then again, I thought there was a coda to her transformation story which did show her experiencing centuries of display. Or was that the girl who turned into a cello?

      • That was the cello.
        As far as I know, the statue is not aware of anything.

    • Not sure, because I tried to replicate the problem and it didn’t show up. When I use the navigation arrows I can go page-by-page back to the cover and then forward again to the most current published page (4).

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