A gorilla. How dull.

Teleportation experiment gone wrong?
The bad tube

Big scary apes of some kind have a long history in tales of mad science, especially around pretty women, who are ever at risk of being menaced by them, carried off by them, or even transformed into them.

Someone tried getting that sort of mad science excitement into this image, but seems to have missed the mark. This is a publicity still from a 1942 B picture, The Strange Case of Dr. RX. Our rather unimpressed looking damsel is Anne Gwynne (1918-2003) and presumably the man in the gorilla suit is Ray “Crash” Corrigan (1902-1976). Don’t you wish you had a name as cool as “Ray ‘Crash’ Corrigan?” Of course you do.

This image a reblog from a 3 January 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source is the tumblr Damsel Lover.

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