Looks like Maghella’s going to be experimented on

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And another research subject

And she’s perhaps not going to like it. Bacchus’s explanation:

This is cover art from one of the nearly 150 Maghella fumetti comics published in Italy and France in the 1970s and 1980s. According to this Italian eBay auction it is issue #124 from 1979. On the cover is visible the text “Maghella. Vietato ai minori di seidici anni.” There is an Italian eBay auction here that offers a high quality reproduction of the cover art (without markings); the artist is identified by the seller as Renato Averardo Ciriello.

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3 thoughts on “Looks like Maghella’s going to be experimented on

  1. I was thinking for a moment “Satrap” was supposed to be a sound effect. Of course, as everyone knows, that is the name of a cell of the old arch-enemy of U.N.C.L.E., Thrush. It looks like the old “Nazi survivor sucks the lifeforce out of nubile young women to prolong his own life” trick. I hate it when that happens; such a waste of nubile young women that would look so much better in MY lab.

      • Thank you. My advanced age permits me to have warehouses of erudition and sophisticated panache that I haven’t even used yet. (The panache helps to create a contrast with the OCD and Aspergian focus… I can still get the ladies to notice me in a sexual context.) I did have a copy of Man From U.N.C.L.E. Magazine V1 #1 in 1966 and a “fairly photographic” memory for the printed page, at least snippets. I enjoy the wide range of your sites immensely and try very, very hard not to get underfoot. It ain’t easy.

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