6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Two, Page Twenty

  1. Wait what? They stole her from who? Who was the intended owner supposed to be?

    • Did they steal Angelique too? Did we jump back in time? Page 16-17 was about Angelique’s journey, is it not? They didn’t put a tracker in Ashley’s moneymaker. How does SOUP know where she is?

  2. Well… whatever his crimes, at least Malyshin seems unlikely to breed.

  3. The museum people really did know how to make Ashley look more artful! I guess Ashley looked more seductive and artistic from her side view where her face could be seen partially too rather than this front view where her petrified sweet cunt is more visible rather than her face,don’t ya think?! And also I know this question is I am asking quite late but as far as I remember Ashley was hidden from the plain sight by putting in that museum by the FBI agents so that the upper authority does not get to know about petrified Ashley’s whereabouts or fate! Than how come these new SOUP agents come to know about Ashley’s petrified existence? Because Ashley got petrified quite naturally through the essence of desire rather than by any petrifying device,right? And is this storyline occurring after Iris Brockman’s discovery of Ashley being displayed in museum all naked according to Volume 6,Number 1?? Please help me out a bit with all my confusions!

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