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Occult ingestion
Lucy Fidelis Bait illustration: sleeping Eliza Fanshaw

Erosarts has been working at a heroic pace to make sure that we have almost a page a day of new material in the Tales of Gnosis College and associated comics, so we’re going to be doing other things for about a week here before resuming The Adventures of Ashley Madder. We shall begin with today’s announcement that Bait has been updated.

It was doubtless a strange service.

I have written an Erosarts has illustrated six new pages, represented in the long panel above. I you like to read them, they are the pages on the Bait archival page beginning at the newly-renumbered Page 79. In addition, we have fixed a number of infelicities in the dialog and narration that attended the first publication, one drawing error, and re-lettered all Japanese-language dialog in the story with a font which we you you will find more readable, or at least more aesthetically appealing.

To follow of the next few days: some fun new pieces of Bait bespoke art. Tales should then resume after that.

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