Faustus Crow illustration: The Daughters of Leos

Lucy Fidelis illustration: ama Chiba Moe
Bait now has a really permanent home
The self-sacrifice of three noble young women saves Athens from plague and famine.

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This is Faustus Crow’s vision of the sacrifice of the daughters of Leos, a piece of Greek mythology they don’t normally teach you about in school, but one cited by the minister in Bait to illustrate the heroism of the three sacrificed women in that story: see the re-numbered Page 83 of Bait. Erosarts’s re-imagining of that scene is straightforward. Here Faustus Crow’s is figurative (consider, for example, the allegorical figures of plague and famine the background from which Athens is to be delivered by the daughters’ sacrifice). You can spend a lot of time hunting for other occult detail here, and I encourage you to do so.

If you’re interested in Faustus Crow’s work you can find a blog by him here (“Faustus Crow: Shaman Chaos Magick”) and a book website here (“Goetia Girls”). If you want a list of his books you can buy there is one at Goodreads or you can just search for his name at Amazon. You can also, as I do, support his extraordinary art on Patreon.