10 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Cover

  1. Wait a sec, what? Ashley is in the hands of a sea monster? What they will do with her? Worship as a naked sea goddess?? -.+

      • Ashley’s petrified naked body is too damn precious to act as a support beam :p After all she is a real goddess preserved in stone for good 😀

  2. Gillmen? Really? Gillmen?
    … Oh.
    Unless this is another product of the very inventive surgeries being performed by that evil organization in the middle east.
    Yeah. I think I’d prefer actual creatures à la the Black Lagoon.

  3. The angler fish light is a nice touch, given that this art-lover appears to be walking along the bottom of the ocean.

    • It could be evolved/modified from an angler fish ancestor. There are extant species with leg-like fins. Not too much of a stretch.

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