8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Page Eight

  1. This is what happens when you’ve been a stoner for too long. )_)

  2. Of course, if we accept that our memories form our true identity, it would seem that the answer to the question in panel 2 must technically be no.
    Then again, there’s DNA evidence.

  3. Trust me, never been disappointed this much from the fate of a comic character, ever! I guess it would have been better if these adventures never ever took place. I would prefer more to cling to the fact that Ashley is a statue who is displayed as a naked artwork in a museum rather than seeing her animated again -_-

    • Really? This is worse for you than all the characters who were lobotomized, mutated beyond recognition or killed? o_ô

      • Dude, Ashley is a woman with goddessly beauty. A voluptuous woman like her getting preserved foreven in her birthday suit, is indeed something awesome. Ashley was not of any use in anyway, an ice queen, daddy’s dead. So, the only best thing that could happen to her was to serve the world of nude art as a naked statue, with her beauty preserved forever in that ecstatic appealing posture. But now, all of ’em got ruined -_-

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