5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Page Twenty-One

  1. Oh. I think I’ve worked out Dr. Szexéhes’ plan.

    He’s designing organic dildos in order to monopolise the ‘interactive’ dildo market and put mechanical dildo manufacturers out of business!

    Think of it – a dildo that looks, feels and behaves like a real penis, that you only have maintain by storing in a nutrient bath, and that doesn’t get all the hang-ups that usually come with the human on the other end.

    Also, the encreasification process is just a by-product of his research, as he logically concluded that someone who was in his debt would make a more willing volunteer/victim than if he’d resorted to kidnapping. He has no interest in restoring other victims of petrification.

    • Since it doesn’t have balls, though, it won’t ejaculate like the real thing. Also a real one has a um…”Safety valve override” in case it gets…stuck.

      • The safety valve override doesn’t always work, and when it does, it can sometimes take a long time to work. (See: coital knot & penis captivus).

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