Bubbles animation!

Bulles (Bubbles in French in a slider)
Intoxicating use of the tube-girl meme

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We’ve been making art and comics here at Erotic Mad Science for almost nine years now, and while this ins’t quite the first actual animation (Erosarts did some animated .gifs early on, including this girlscanner animation, but this is the first one that resembles an actual movie clip with sound and everything. It’s the work of artist HayleyPetHarley, for whom you can find a site at Newgrounds and follow on Twitter. You can also do as I do and support the artist on Patreon. C’mon, people, where do you think art comes from?

The art is an imagined version of the “Bubbles experiment,” which is the subject of my most ambitious comics translation experiment and versions of which you have been seeing here at Erotic Mad Science.

You can download the original MP4 of the animation here.

I had a great deal of fun working with the artist on this particular project, and hope you like it as well. If you do, feel free to sound off in the comments. Animation isn’t cheap, but maybe could be persuaded to do more…

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  1. Nice work. And a pretty fair amount of work I’d say! I once made a music video for a Jonathon Coulton song, Skullcrusher Mountain, from artwork generated by a friend and I know how many hours that took me.

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