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PAGE 38 (Four panels)

Panel 1: HIRAM WORTHINGLOCK (“Hiram”), a rat-faced little man who wears thick round spectacles and a labcoat, sitting on a stool in another laboratory. He is being interviewed.

SUBTITLE (1): Hiram Worthinglock, assistant to Professor Turpentine.

Translation (1): Hiram Worthinglock, assistant du professeur Turpentine.

Hiram (2): Of course, we have our bait, but you can’t just stick a hook through this bait, heh heh.

Comment (2) : “Heh heh,” an evil little laugh.

Translation (2): Bien sûr, nous avons nos appâts, mais vous ne pouvez pas simplement les accrocher à un hameçon, hé hé.

Hiram (3): So we have a more elegant solution.

Translation (3): C’est pourquoi nous avons une solution plus élégante.

Panel 2: Close-up of Hiram’s hand, in which he is holding up something that looks like a Tylenol capsule at the end of a pair of tweezers.

CAPTION – HIRAM NARRATING (4): This capsule contains nano-sensors and a tiny but very powerful explosive charge wrapped in ultra-strong membranes.

Translation (4): Cette capsule contient des nanocapteurs et une charge explosive toute petite, mais très puissante enveloppés dans des membranes ultra-solides.

Panel 3: Hiram standing over an open cylindrical metal tank about one meter across and one meter high. He has just dropped the capsule in the tank, as can be seen by a small drop of fluid rebounding back up and some ripples around it.


Translation (5): Ploop !

Hiram (6): The capsule’s sensors are programmed to be sensitive to chemical changes in the capsule’s environment, as we can see by dropping it in this tank…

Translation (6): Les capteurs de la capsule sont programmés pour être sensibles à des changements chimiques dans l’environnement de la capsule, comme nous pouvons le voir en la déposant dans ce réservoir…

Panel 4: Hiram pouring a flask of some sort of liquid into the tank.

Hiram (7): …and then inducing a chemical change.

Translation (7): …puis en induisant un changement chimique.

Hiram (8): You might want to back up a bit.

Translation (8): Je vous conseille de reculer un peu.

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