Moonlit Santa Muerte

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Satyr girl
Glorious and somewhat fleshy Santa Muerte stands in a dark robe in silvery moonlight.

Santa Muerte by Aleksandra Marchocka. This image was commissioned by Iago Faustus and is presented here by agreement between Faustus and the artist.

I have featured work by Aleksandra Marchocka, both her own and work I have commissioned, here at Erotic Mad Science. It is with great pleasure that I can here feature the latest commission I have placed with her. Her we feature Santa Muerte, a divine personification of death worshipped primarily in Mexico, and whose protection and intercession are often sought by the socially marginal and otherwise hopeless, including drug dealers, sex workers, and LGBT people. She and her imagery have long occupied a place of honor over at Infernal Wonders. (If you have a hundred or so bucks to drop or access to a university research library, you can read this scholarly account of Our Lady of Holy Death and her worship.)

You can download the whole image in its full resolution by right-clicking and saving.

Aleksandra Marchocka has both a DeviantArt and a professional site, and can be reached on Instagram and Facebook as well.