A bit of sci-fi mutation pulp

Mad science goes to work on Satan's mistress
Someone has bungled, cosmically

It has been a while since I’ve run any classic pulp on this site, and as we’re on a brief break between two comics features now might be a good time for some. Over to Imagination for July 1954.

Harod McCauley cover art -- a giant hand reaches for a spacewoman exploring in her bathing suit.

That’s pretty fantastic cover art by Harold McCauley (1913-1977), complete with rocket and ray-gun tropes. Why the red-headed woman is exploring an alien planet in a bathing suit is perhaps best explained only by Faustus’s Law: If you’re pretty enough it doesn’t matter if your space costume makes any sense. Running the hell away from the giant hand at least seems like a sensible course of action.

But perhaps more intriguing is the interior art for the first story, done by W.E. Terry (1921-1992).

A giant space octopus-woman thrashes a hapless crewman. Spaceman versus octopus woman.

A giant topless space space octopus-woman, tentacles and all. Fuck yeah! I bet your puny ray-gun will be no match for her, capitalist space-tool!

And again with the spacewoman in a bathing suit. Maybe it’s some kind of union rule.

This issue of Imagination is available to be read and downloaded at the Internet Archive.

4 thoughts on “A bit of sci-fi mutation pulp

  1. A prediction of global climate change. Women in the future wear as little as possible because it is so darn hot.

    • An intriguing observation, but it opens the question…is this scene taking place on Earth?

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