Someone has bungled, cosmically

A bit of sci-fi mutation pulp
Pre-anime, non-Japanese tentacle monster

Just a bit more Harold McCauley pulp illustration. Boy are we going to be sorry when oxygen tanks gain sentience.

A robot blows up a city while enmeshing a dishy blond in its mecho-tentacles.

This painting graced the cover of the January 1956 issue of Imaginative Tales.

We are going to be sorry when oxygen tanks become sentient.

Both versions of the illustration are courtesy of this post at Pulp Covers. The entire issue can be downloaded from or read at the Internet Archive. It’s pretty pulpy: I counted I think four interior illustrations of helpless dames needing rescue from manly sci-fi heroes. But at least one illustration, sadly uncredited, does seem very Erotic Mad Science:

Interior illustration in Imaginative Tales, January 1956

It illustrates a story by Richard O. Lewis, “Practical Joke.” The promo copy:

Hypnotapes were a proven boon to industry, where difficult problems could be experienced and solved vicariously. But to marriage — sheer chaos!

Well all righty then!

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  1. That is one multi-tasking robot… er, oxygen bottle… to be able to destroy a building and keep the babe busy with whip-tentacle foreplay at the same time!

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