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PAGE 82 (Three panels, probably the first two across the top)

Panel 1: Closer-in view of the UU Minister, showing part of her at the lectern.

UU Minister (1): But as has been shown by scientific research – including especially that research made possible by the women we commemorate today – we can afford such a retreat into ignorance no longer.

Translation (1): Mais comme cela a été démontré par la recherche scientifique – y compris en particulier celle rendue possible par les femmes que nous commémorons aujourd’hui – nous ne pouvons plus nous permettre d’être ignorants.

Panel 2: Symbolic panel, a human hand reaching out from one side of the panel, tentacle from the other side.

CAPTION – UU Minister speaking (2): The oceanic depths contain things far beyond any of our previous understandings.

Translation (2): Les profondeurs océaniques contiennent des choses dépassant tout ce que nous connaissions.

Panel 3: View scanning across a group of mourners seated in the audience.

CAPTION – UU Minister speaking (3): The future wellbeing of humanity – perhaps the very future existence of humanity – depends on the advancement of our knowledge.

Translation (3): Le bien-être futur de l’humanité – peut-être son existence future – dépend de l’avancement de nos connaissances.

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