Hello Toffee!

Ahh! She's hideous!
More Toffee

The fantasy and sci-fi magazine Imaginative Tales had a run from 1954 to 1958, and while it was often fairly cheesecakey (“Devastating H-Bomb redhead ‘Toffee'” was an imagined character living inside the head of a fictional protagonist) it would go on to feature original fiction by Robert Bloch, Philip K. Dick, Robert Silverberg and Harlan Ellison. Not too shabby, if you ask me. Toffee was illustrated by pulp great Harold McCauley, who also drew some racy sketches for the back pages:

This issue is available to be read and downloaded at the Internet Archive.

4 thoughts on “Hello Toffee!

  1. Now this is just perfect! My favorite kind of pulp art.

    Good thing she is imaginary, cause I can’t imagine her being there much longer if she wasn’t… 😈

  2. To quote the famous philosopher Daffy Duck: “I can only do it once.”

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