Ahh! She’s hideous!

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The title of the magazine apparently isn’t Future Science Fiction (isn’t science fiction almost always about the future…or is it perhaps science fiction that will be published in the future?) bur rather a merger of two magazines, Future and Science Fiction which together had a decent run from 1939 to 1960. The cover illustration by Ed Emshwiller inverts the general principal that a female human is the most attractive thing to all sentient beings. (That makes good evolutionary sense. If you’re a member of a sexually reproducing species, shouldn’t you be attracted to entities showing characteristics of your own species?)

Interior art is a little thin, but this full-page illustration by Paul Orban (1896-1974) for Jay Leache’s story “The Pity of the Wood” isn’t bad.

Paul Orban illustration in Future Science Fiction, February 1959.

This issue is available to be read and downloaded from the Internet Archive.

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