New Grindbin appearance: Torso

Fruiting Bodies: Chapter 7, Page 22
Beware the Asylum: Part III, Page 9
An imagined poster for _Torso_ (1973) done Lucy Fidelis.

Presentation art for Torso by Lucy Fidelis.

I am pleased as punch to be able to announce another Grindbin podcast appearance. For this one I actually went out to Los Angles to do an in-person recording with Mike Wood and Chris Mann on Sergio Martino’s I corpi persentano tracce violenza carnale, released in English as Torso (1973). A most curious movie, said to be Martino’s favorite in his long and productive career. A prototype of the slasher film, it still has deep roots in giallo. You can access the podcast via this link or simply subscribe to the podcast by searching for “Grindbin” on your podcast app of choice. As with some of my other past appearances on Grinbin, I am also publishing my notes for episode. I hope you can tune in and enjoy.