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Una base de la Marina de los EE. UU. implica la presencia de enfermeras atractivas de la Marina de los EE. UU.

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PAGE 12 (Two panels)

Note: This page will probably work best is laid out in landscape format, with the second panel an inset in the lower right.

Panel 1: A “group photograph” panel of about a dozen U.S. Navy nurses in dress uniform, smiling and facing the camera. The hair, makeup, and uniforms should be in a style appropriate for 1943. Of them is a 20 year-old Hazel Gluck (see panel below). Her smiling face is surrounded by a circle to distinguish her from the rest of the nurses.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): And the presence of a U.S. Navy hospital meant the presence of U.S. Navy nurses. We were able to interview one of the survivors.

Translation (1): Y la presencia de un hospital de la Marina de los Estados Unidos significó la presencia de enfermeras de la Marina de los Estados Unidos. Logramos entrevistar a una de las sobrevivientes.

Panel 2: An “interview pose” panel, showing HAZEL GLUCK (“Hazel”). In this panel she is a very aged, frail old lady with thick eyeglasses.

Hazel (2): I remember how when we were first posted to Motofupo, there was this lovely beach with beautiful water to go swimming in.

Translation (2): Recuerdo que al principio, cuando nos enviaron a Motofupo, había una playa preciosa con hermosas aguas para nadar.

SUBTITLE – IDENTIFYING TAG (3): Lt. Hazel Gluck, USN, Ret.

Comment (3): “Lt.” is an abbreviation for “Lieutenant,” the third-from-lowest commissioned officer rank in the United States Navy. “USN” is an abbreviation for “United States Navy” and “Ret.” means “retired,” no longer on active service.

Translation (3): Tte. Hazel Gluck, Marina de los Estados Unidos, retirada.

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