ICUdhara Bespoke Art II: Liquifying Brenda

ICUdhara Bespoke Art I: Digesting the Bait
Destiny's Dangerous Method
Brenda from the silent graphic nvelette "Beware the Asylum" is imprisoned in a transparent tube and turned into green goo by the sinister Dr. Vragov.
“Liquifying Brenda,” commissioned by Iago Faustus and done by ICUdhara. Please do not reproduce without the permission of Faustus.

Another example of ICUdhara’s work, in which one of the unfortunate would-be explorers of the abandoned Euphoric State Insane Asylum has been captured by the sinister Dr. Vragov, confined in a transparent tube, and radiated into goo. As with its companion published yesterday, it is available in large size. Right-click to download.

ICUdhara has a DeviantArt site here, and you can also support the artist on Patreon, as I do.

One thought on “ICUdhara Bespoke Art II: Liquifying Brenda

  1. Poor cute Brenda – certainly one of my favorite of the unfortunate girls. Loved her look in the glasses.

    I wonder if there’s any of her left for the doc to play with or if she got all used up for the cream…

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