Medusa trouble

Hear us out, O Volcano Goddess
Visitor from Venus by Penerotic
A Medusa, a ray-gun guy, and a sacrificial damsel all on the cover of the Winter 1944 Thrilling Wonder Stories, painted by Rudolph Belarski

I’m aware that I’ve blogged this cover before, back in August 2017, but now that I’m diving beneath the covers to see what pearls I can pull up, I thought it worth doing again. The cover, note, is by Rudolph Berlarski (1900-1983), about whom you can read more here.

There certainly is a lot of fun stuff under this cover, such as this early bit of tentacle-peril art, drawn by Mark Marchioni (1901-1987), illustrating Ross Rocklynne’s “The Invisible Army.”

Tentacle peril illustration by Mark Marchioni illustrating Ross Rocklynne's story "The Invisible Army."
“Hardesty leaped straight up at the monster attacking Ileen.”

And there’s also this bit of cheesecake, sadly unattributed, to Scott Morgan’s wartime fantasy “Trophy.”

“Suddenly, out of the empty air, there appeared a tall, slim girl.”

But leafing through these old, yellowed pages, I should note that it isn’t all fun and games. Amidt all the agreeable escapism there is every now and then a reminder of grim things and grim times, such as this full-page advertisement near the start of the issue.

I don’t want to be a downer, but it may be something to reflect on as we close out the year.

This issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories is available to read and download at the Internet Archive.