Visitor from Venus by Penerotic

Grindbin Appearance: Bare Behind Bars
The bony clutch
Artist penerotic recreates a pulp illustration from the Winter 1943 edition of Thrilling Wonder Stories.

For all of you around the world who are today sheltering and distancing, a tasty pulpy treat, a faithful (down to the yellowing of the paper on which it was printed!) recreation by the artist Penerotic of an interior illustration that appeared in the Winter 1944 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories. You can learn more about the issue and its contents in this post. You can follow Penerotic on Twitter at @penerotic, on Instagram at @penerotica and if you like his art like me, you can also support him on Patreon.

Please do not alter or reproduce the recreation above without consent of the creators. Thank you and stay well!

One thought on “Visitor from Venus by Penerotic

  1. Ah, Winter 1944. Right in the middle of the “Slap a Jap” era for stereotypical caricatures. Frowned upon these days, and rightly so.

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