Falling and flight

The Faceless Men
Our Lady of the Emerald
A scantily-clad woman falls from an icy cliff in this cover for the October 1949 Thrilling Wonder Stories by Earle Bergey.

Thrilling Wonder Stories was still going strong in October 1949, as evidenced by this Earle Bergey cover. Strangely, though, much of its art was uncredited, at least according to this issue’s entry at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. That’s a pity, since I would enjoy knowing who did this illustration for “Lure of Polaris” by Wallace West (1900-1980).

A woman soars on wings in this uncredited illustration to Wallace West's story "Lure of Polaris."
“Yalina swooped to the ceiling and kicked her trim heels in delight.”

This issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories is available to read or download at the Internet Archive.

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