Impariamo l’italiano XLVIII: Esca 049

Impariamo l'italiano XLVII: Esca 048
Impariamo l'italiano XLIX: Esca 050
Un'ultima ondata piuttosto sexy.

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PAGE 49 (Single panel page – do in color)

Single panel: Eliza, in full pin-up mode, sits naked on the railing facing out to sea. She’s turned her head around and is smiling and waving at the men.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): There doesn’t seem to be much hesitation in this moment of truth.

Translation (1): Non sembra esserci molta esitazione in questo momento di verità.

SFX – STILL MORE MALE VOCAL EXCITEMENT (2): Cheers, whistles, and applause.

Translation (2): Saluti, fischietti e applausi.

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