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PAGE 66 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine facing the door, speaking to it.

Turpentine (1): At this point, the expedition simply cannot succeed without you. There just isn’t anyone else with the right…attributes, and it will be nineteen more years before anyone has another chance.

Translation (1): A questo punto, la spedizione semplicemente non può avere successo senza di te. Non c’è nessun altro con gli attributi… giusti, e passeranno diciannove anni prima che qualcuno abbia un’altra possibilità.

Panel 2: Turpentine still facing the door, with his hands up in a pleading gesture.

Turpentine (2): In recognition of what we’re asking of you, the species will be named after you. Gynophagos honeywoodiae. How does that sound?

Comment (2): The Linnean “species name” Gynophagos honeywoodiae should be left in the original Latin, unless it is the custom among professional biologists using your target language to render it otherwise.

Translation (2): In riconoscimento di ciò che ti stiamo chiedendo, la specie prenderà il tuo nome. Gynophagos honeywoodiae. Che ne pensi?

Panel 3: Claudia still on her bunk. This is another “surveillance video” panel. In this panel Claudia’s eyes are in an angry squint The precise nature of this squint should be drawn as distinctively as possible and noted (thus as the “Angry Squint”) as it will reappear in another context below.

Claudia (3): Fuck off!

Comment (3): “Fuck off” is a vulgar and rude way in English to tell someone to go away, but one perhaps appropriate under these circumstances.

Translation (3): Vaffanculo!

SUBTITLE (4): Internal surveillance video.

Translation (4): Video di sorveglianza interna.

Panel 4: Turpentine addressing the door.

Turpentine (5): Think about it.

Translation (5): Pensaci.

Turpentine (6): Please.

Translation (6): Per favore.

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