Learning from Elders: Chapter 10, Page 3

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Raz meets "Number Two," an executive in a mysterious European organization.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 10, Page 3

  1. Why was it a travesty? Did he manage to weasel out of getting convicted?

    • I think the opposite it more likely, given that the assistant is intent on placating “his serene highness”

  2. The last two lines are where this thing falls apart. A German reactionary nobleman (i.e. one who allows himself to be called “serene highness” without irony) would not even assume that someone might be bothered by his great-grandparent having been contractor for Nazis (and most likely, a Nazi party member). He would consider it self-evident that the other speaker considers it an honourable lineage: building a submarine base was a classic example of “non-political” participation in the overall patriotic war effort.

    And to be serious about it, a West German corporate manager would require to be a truly monstrous sadist to get prosecuted for war crimes (of the order of Ilsa, the She-Wolf of SS). Usually, they were freed from all suspicion, and even those who were prosecuted, would get out of prison around 1949, and by 1954 at the latest.

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