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La bella ragazza mette su uno spettacolo.

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PAGE 87 (Four panels)

Panel 1: CHIBA MOE (“Chiba”), a very attractive young Japanese woman wearing a white one-piece swimsuit that has a logo for the Marine Center above the left breast stands on a diving board in position to make a dive. The swimsuit, while a one-piece, seems designed to emphasize some sex appeal, especially cleavage. Around Chiba’s waist there is a belt with a bag of sorts attached. The diving board extends over the tank containing the creature.

CAPTION (1): At Energexecon Center, a few years later.

Translation (1): Al Centro Energexecon, pochi anni dopo.

Panel 2: Chiba going into the water, her legs and lower half still out as she is in mid-dive.

SFX – DIVE (2): Splash!

Translation (2): Splash!

Panel 3: A group of Cub Scouts in uniform, sitting cross-legged on the floor of the Center outside the pool. They are looking up, fascinated.

Panel 4: Chiba descending into the tank on her dive, underwater and surrounded by bubbles.

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