Impariamo l’italiano XCII: Esca 093

Impariamo l'italiano XCI: Esca 092
Impariamo l'italiano XCIII: Esca 094
Il mostro è stato strozzato; niente più ragazze da mangiare per lui.

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PAGE 93 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Another interview segment. Here Chiba sits on the lip of the tank. She has changed from her white swimsuit to a tank-top and shorts. She is dangling her bare feet in the tank’s water.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (1): 食べられないかと、怖くなりませんか?

Chiba (2): いいえ、その対策はされています。

SUBTITLE – INTERVIEWER (3): You’re not afraid of being eaten?

Translation (3): Non hai paura di essere mangiata?

SUBTITLE – CHIBA (4): No, they’ve taken care of that.

Translation (4): No, hanno curato questo particolare.

Panel 2: An underwater robot, with grabbers, two holding on to the Creature’s feeding siphon and another pair holding some sort of giant cuff-ring.

CAPTION – CHIBA NARRATING (5): 何ヶ月もずっと彼の近くにいると、彼の気持ちがわかってくるのです。

CAPTION – CHIBA TRANSLATION (6): They put some sort of collar on his feeding siphon. No more girls for him.

Translation (6): Hanno messo una specie di colletto sul suo sifone d’alimentazione. Niente più ragazze per lui.

Panel 3: Chiba being interviewed.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (7): それは安心ですね。

Chiba (8): 実際には、悲しい気持ちになります。

SUBTITLE – INTERVIEWER (9): That must make you feel relieved.

Translation (9): Così dovresti sentirti sollevata.

SUBTITLE – CHIBA (10): Actually, it makes me feel sad.

Translation (10): In realtà, mi fa sentire triste.

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